Clipboards and squashed bugs

Released: Sat, 05 Oct 2013 08:47:00 +0000

In latest developments, Salstat now displays results nicely, the clipboard functions work well, charts are coming along and bugs have been squashed.

Output display

The full-featured HTML display means that it can do good things when displaying results. It now incorporates JQuery and Twitter Bootstrap to form the output display. This means that tables actually look nice now.


Clipboard functions work across the application (data entry and output) which means the above can be edited (if necessary) and copied into a spreadsheet.


Salstat also refers to the Highcharts libraries which will be used for charts. Currently, I'm working on a chart window which allows us to generate a chart and edit it to perfection before it gets put into the results. This should help take the guesswork out of charts. And they will be exported to PNG, JPG, PDF and SVG formats directly. This is not yet working but I hope it to be fairly soon.


A lot of bugs have been squashed too. Salstat used to freak (rather: refuse to do anything) when inputting anything other than a number into the data grid. Now, it's more relaxed and will try to deal with things downstream intelligently.

Other bugs such as putting data into the first, third and fourth columns have been squashed. Some other bugs with tests have also been squished.

Future plans

Proper data formatting (variable names, data formatting, specifying missing data and marking it visually with a different background colour)
Charts – Salstat has got to have these and they are coming!
Databases – input from and output to databases. Salstat will abstract the interface (using something like SQLAlchemy) in order to tackle a range of databases and dialects. Having said that, the requirements will be fairly simple (retrieve, write and commit) so fairly vanilla SQL will suffice. This, however, is tricky because I want a data browser whereby tables and some content can be browsed easily and data selected for import. This needs to work for remote and local databases as well as SQLite.
Bring in my custom statistics modules (properly unit tested!) from my forthcoming book, "Computational Statistics".

So lots to do yet, but lots done already over the last fortnight or so. I hope to make a new release on 22 October 2013 – 10 years to the day the last proper release was made!

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