Delayed release

Released: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 08:11:00 +0000

Unfortunately, we've had to delay the new release of Salstat by a few days. Why? Well, it's not ready enough. It now draws some simple charts, which is great, and allows a limited set of customisations, but Salstat deserves to work better. This means I need to take time to make sure it can handle categories as axes labels, that it can save and load to its native format, and lots of other things. Lots of trivial things but things that affect how professional Salstat will be.

What I can say is that Salstat already has in place a large number of improvements and rocks really hard. It's almost like a complete transformation into a new program. We're sure that if you liked the old Salstat, you'll love the new one.

For the record, the new release date is Sunday 27 October 2013.

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