Salstat reads Excel

Released: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 19:13:00 +0000

Salstat now reads MS Excel files. Well, it's not perfect: I need a workflow to allow users to select a particular worksheet; and handle errors decently from a users PoV. But it reads in the first worksheet of an Excel file now which is a nice achievement and a good new feature.

Although Excel is derided amongst statisticians, it is a truly excellent tool for entering tabular data.

The next steps are to harden this routine and the CSV import routine so that they can handle more situations (probably need a CSV import workflow like LibreOffice and Excel both do), and database connectivity so that a large range of data can be read easily.

I'm also thinking of changing how Salstat does many things, particularly the administration of data. These are future ideas.

For those interested, Github has the source. I haven't made any executables yet but will do for Windows and OSX soon. I don't have a working Linux machine (seriously: I am that short of hardware and donations are welcome! Would a Raspberry Pi handle it?) so a Linux executable is probably out of the question. All the dependencies can be easily downloaded which isn't perfect but isn't bad either.

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