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Making statistics friendlier

Analysing statistics can be hard. We work at learning how to use a program when we should be analysing data. Salstat wants to change this.

Years of experience teaching undergraduates and postgraduates struggling to analyse experimental statistics on computer has showed us how programs should work with people not despite them.

We want people to analyse data with ease through friendly software that augments the way we need to work.

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Why use Salstat?

Lots of descriptives
Salstat has, for example, 9 forms of quantile along with a full range of parametric and nonparametric tests. See a full list of descriptive statistics here.

Lots of inferential tests
From basic 1 sample tests to advanced multi-sample tests.

It's open source
You can examine the source code yourself if you're unhappy with whether a test works

What can I use Salstat for?

Salstat is useful whenever you need to crunch numbers into something manageable. Salstat has been used in these industries:

Business and commerce
Website analytics, business intelligence, marketing, finance

Agriculture, biology, medicine, biostatistics, psychology/psychometrics

Social sciences
Economics, sociology, politics, social policy, education

Research and development
Product development, market research, analytics, process management techniques like Six Sigma

Who uses Salstat?

Salstat is used across the world. See some peer-reviewed papers...

What types of inferential analyses does Salstat do?

  • t-test (1 sample)
  • t-test for two samples (within and between subjects)
  • Univariate ANOVA (within and between subjects)
  • Linear regression
  • F-test
  • Sign test
  • Chi square
  • Kolmogorov-Smirnov
  • Mann-Whitney U
  • Wilcoxon sign-ranks
  • Wilcoxon rank-sums
  • Kruskal-Wallis
  • Friedman

Show me what charts Salstat can do?

Here are some examples:

Picture of a column chart
Column & bar charts
Picture of a box plot
Box & whisker plots
Picture of a histogram
Picture of a line chart
Line & area charts

What file formats can Salstat import from?

Salstat was designed to be as friendly as possible. Without being an enterprise-funded project, we are limited in what we can do. But what we can do, we do as well as we possibly can. Salstat can import:

Comma Separated Values, often in text format. We're on the path for Salstat to adhere to RFC 4180.
Microsoft's Excel format can be imported. You can select which worksheet to import.
LibreOffice Calc's spreadsheet format can be imported in the same way as XLS/XLSX.
From version 8 onwards, Salstat does a great job of import SAS format.
Salstat can take a HTML file and extract tables of data directly into Salstat - and even from live web pages just by entering the URL. You can select which table to import.

What operating systems?

Windows, Macintosh OS X and Linux

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